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Can you install Balloons etc. all over the country?
Yes, we offer outstanding nationwide service and by certified installers nationwide.

We will:

• Research and acquire necessary event permits from local zoning departments

• Communicate with corporate and store based personnel on event specifics including; dates, times, contacts, emergency numbers, etc.

• Act as a liaison with external leasing company or internal real estate/engineering department, as it relates to the installation of decorations

• Arrange, schedule and monitor installation within our network

• Ensure proper liability coverage in effect

• On-going monitoring of weather and condition of decorations

• Field and dispatch all service calls

• Confirm decoration removal and handle final client invoicing

How is the cold air balloon stay inflated? Many believe the balloon is filled up with helium. It actually runs on a continuous flow of air by a 110 volt air blower that plugs into the wall. The balloon does not float or fly above the building.

How is the balloon attached or installed? Our certified installers attach it to the ground with giant spikes. If attached to the roof we use I-Bolts or C-clamps to a solid structure. Whichever is safer and preserves the integrity of the roof.

How long does a cloudbuster last? 2-3 days or longer in cold weather. We have had them last up to 10 days. However, there is no guarantee on the lifespan of this product due to unpredictable weather and other conditions.Power Lines should be avoided. Extreme heat, trees, sharp objects and high winds can reduce the life-span of these balloons.

What are Cloudbuster made of? Beware of imitations that don’t last as long and fade fast. Cloudbusters are made with a special chemical that add to the lifespan and durability of the balloon, unlike your typical party store balloon.

Can you re-use a cloudbuster? No. Once they deflate you simply dispose of them. Blimps or Spheres are re-usable.

Do I need a permit? It is the business owner’s responsibility to hold a permit if the city requires one. Need help? We keep a national database with city code information. Just ask and we will be happy to assist you if the city allows.

Will you pull the permit? Yes, for a small fee, we will be happy to pull the permit for you.

What about bad weather? Balloons usually withstand sustained winds of up to 25mph. If high winds are anticipated or forecast we advise temporarily dropping the balloon to prevent damage to property.

What happens if I lose paid promotional time due to bad weather or other problems? All paid promotional time lost will be made up at the end of the promotion

What products to you offer?
Cloudbuster Balloons, Giant Rooftop Advertising Balloons, Searchlights, Pennant Lines, Banners, Blimps, Sphere Balls, Advertising Flags, Helium Balloons, Moving Tubes, Installation and Removal for Special Events and Grand Openings on a National Level.